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Hayate the Combat Butler Manga by Kenjirou Hata

Alternative Title:Hayate no Gotoku!
Categories:Action, Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:44 Volumes, 468 Chapters, 8084 Pages
Manga scans by:Red Hawk Scanlations, FoolRulez, Musashi, AT-Translations, DKThias...
Series Brief Review
Ayasaki Hayate is only 16 years old when he's abandoned, leaving him to fend for himself against the yakuza, who are after his organs to settle his parents' massive gambling debt. Looking for a way to somehow acquire 157 million yen before he is cut up by gangsters, he stumbles upon a rich girl whom he can kidnap and ransom. The only problem: he's a terrible criminal, and ends up saving her life from other would-be kidnappers and apparently confesses his love for her. In order to work off his debt, the girl, Nagi (who is convinced that Hayate is in love with her), and her maid Maria (who knows otherwise), allow him to work as a butler at their mansion. Hayate's tenure as a butler is not easy, however, and is filled with talking tigers, homicidal robots, jealous relatives, and overarchingly, hilarity.

Volume 1

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 1
  1. Santa's Red Is A Blood-Colored Hell
  2. "Unmei" in English Means Destiny
  3. Explain The Situation, And I'll Consider Making A Maid Outfit
  4. Nagi Sanzenin And Her Secret Room
  5. Even Though You Will Be A New Type, The More You Open Your Mouth, The More Likely You Are To Put Your Foot In It.
  6. Good Kids Shouldn't copy these!! No, bad kids and even adults should never copy either!!
  7. It's Not Like I'd Scream Love From The Centre Of The Earth, But How Should I Say It, The Beast Dictating At The Top Of The Hierarchy
  8. Hellbound Because Of Nekomimi Mode
  9. In The Language of flowers, The St. John's Worts, In Full Bloom In The Garden, Mean Revenge

Volume 2

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 2
  1. Incinerate It To Ashes At Midnight On A Moonlit Night
  2. The Mystery of Why Old Men Play Shogi Under Tsuutenkaku
  3. The New "Boktai"
  4. Quest of The Avatar
  5. How Much is Your Life
  6. How To Lose a Golden Feather
  7. Careless Kindness Brings Forth Misfortune
  8. Giving up After Non-Stop Bad Endings
  9. Nurse Angel Will Save You From A Cold, Even if You're an Idiot!!
  10. Emyloyee's Night
  11. When I Look Back, I recall The Start of My Misfortunes

Volume 3

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 3
  1. A Man's Battle
  2. Tokyo Underground
  3. Kingdom of Ambition
  4. I Was So Frustrafted from Losing to The Kids in Town That I won But I don't Regret It
  5. Peter Pan Is Annoying
  6. Who Thought of That "Kapon-" sound? They're Amazing
  7. I've Never Gone Through The Hardship of Popularity
  8. I Wanted To See Someone Challenge The Super Shuffle
  9. When Ojou-Sama Wasn't There
  10. Sway My Heart
  11. I Hope My Voice Reached You

Volume 4

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 4
  1. Hayate The Combat Butler
  2. If This Was an Anime, The Opening Theme Would have changed!
  3. If Sensei Told You To die, You Would Die Wouldn't You!?
  4. It's not Like Idiots, Smoke and Cats Like to Ascend to High Places
  5. The Power not to Revolutionize The World
  6. In The Old Days, We Were Tought That Being A Space Detective Isn't all There is to Youth!
  7. The One Who Contorls The Summer Will Likely Control The Exam
  8. Funny Bunny
  9. First-Class Butlers Like Curry
  10. Samurai, Bushido, Van Damme on The Move

Volume 5

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 5
  1. Mabey I'll Lose, But It's Just Kendo
  2. I'll Never Forget The Voice Actor From Ryuuko no Ken
  3. Arresting Tje Night School's Glass Breaker
  4. Eloaim Essaim Frucativi Et Appeiav! No Recite This Incantation!
  5. Mr. Cow, Mr Cow!. Why A Frog?
  6. I Love Books, So I can't Become A Paper Envoy
  7. Song Of The Sea Goddess's Palace
  8. Saki-San's Minor Business
  9. Raging Waves
  10. Titanic Episode 4 - With a Vengeance
  11. Nagi - Anoalucia Dream

Volume 6

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 6
  1. Good Luck With Special Traning, Nagi!
  2. Winning or Losing..Is For The Runner
  3. Victory-Like Running Tulululu
  4. Tiger of Money
  5. Because Of Onensha Otoko, Parents Know what Goes on At Comiket, Which Causes Problmes For The Children.
  6. Distance
  7. Thump! My Crush is my Butler!
  8. Redder than the Twilight and Flowing Blood of Nightstalkers
  9. Final Trial - The Dropout Butler's Mysterious Dungeon
  10. Hayate and the Colossus
  11. Then, He Doesn't Become a Legend
  12. bonus page

Volume 7

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 7
  1. Maria-san's Lesson - Sugar coated Poison
  2. You have to Get Through the Snowfields, Like in D-Shoku 2
  3. St. Valentine's Day: Classmate's Side — 'Shining Days
  4. St. Valentine's Day SIDE-HOUSE You Kinda Look Like Me
  5. There Are Things That Money Can't Buy. Priceless
  6. She's Not a Child Prodigy, But She's a Genius Teacher!
  7. Go, Go, Student Council Rangers!
  8. Welcome Isumi Demon Hunter
  9. A Worry More Grave Than World Conquest
  10. Heart to Heart
  11. Sis is a First Class Consultant

Volume 8

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 8
  1. Good, or Don't Be
  2. Your House
  3. Nagi's Angel: Full Throttle
  4. Elevator Action Won't Ever Be Featured in Newtype
  5. Jealousy and Freshly-Baked Ja-pan
  6. Running to Horizon
  7. Rondo Revolution
  8. Why do I always watch the rebroadcast of Princess Mononoke?
  9. Project Isumi - Challengers Tonight - the Story of Girls Wearing Skirts
  10. 130cm Dandie and protect me earth, Darling!
  11. When I was little, I thought fishing like "Idiotic Fishing die-show" was normal.

Volume 9

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 9
  1. Unpretty woman.
  2. Riding on a MTB ~Gone shopping~I know that I forgot my wallet~Yet, still dating
  3. Successful Mission
  4. I Will
  5. I Expected more from You
  6. Moment
  7. Mistake ~ before Hermioni's Debut
  8. Magical Love's Hayate
  9. The leader of the Teope Union said "Love and Hate is the same"
  10. A Cruel Idiot's Thesis - A play song called "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" by Yoko Takahashi
  11. Alone between Heaven and Hell
  12. Bonus Page

Volume 10

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 10
  1. Mind Education
  2. The Heady Feeling of Freedom
  3. Saki-san's Ambition
  4. Magical Destroy
  5. You Lack Kung Fu
  6. Sure, Amuro Had a Place to Return to, But...
  7. A Long Time Ago, Hataru Said This: "Whoever Manipulates a Person Will be Manipulated Themselves..."
  8. Stress relief with You-Tobe's media
  9. I Felt Sorry, So Give Me Money! And a PS3 and Xbox360 as a Set!
  10. If I saved up all the money I used for Sister Princess, I could've bought a car
  11. One's Own War

Volume 11

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 11
  1. Aoyama Gosho
  2. The Saginomiya Family
  3. Sanzen'in Rank Kingdom! Is Ralf a Mecha or a Monster
  4. Jirigiri Chop! A Punch to an End Kick! And an Uppercut to Finish!!
  5. Wistful Railway
  6. If You Aren't Sure, Try Painting It Red
  7. Run For It! Even If You Aren't An Honest Person
  8. Run Together
  9. More Dream-Like Than a Dream
  10. Thrilling Last Boy
  11. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Volume 12

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 12
  1. 119: Sanzen'in Nagi's Little Star Wars. ~Stardust Memory~
  2. 120: 'Just Boiled Egg Skin' Momo heards~
  3. 121: Goodbye Humans (Alone)
  4. 122: The Voices of the Stars
  5. 123: Believe Me... Some Day
  6. 124: Spiderman's-Everyday Life Isn't About Fighting Movie-like Monsters, It's About Saving Civilians. A Butler's Everyday Life Is Similar to That.
  7. 125: What's an Item that You Don't Want to Buy But Would Make You Happy if You Received It? Would it be Hard to Find?
  8. 126: If You Go There, You Can Make Any Sort of Cookies. Everyone Might Want to Reply, but It's a Long Way to the Promised Place.
  9. 127: Butte-Fly
  10. 128: Counting Future Secret Club
  11. 129: That's Like The Flute Sound Of Path

Volume 13

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 13
  1. 130: "The Determination To Live Is Stronger Than Anything" Was Said By A Wanderer From Somewhere... It's Quite...
  2. 131: Does The Saying, "A Smile's Worth 0 Yen" still Exist?
  3. 132: Better Luck Aspiration Shrine. The Katsura Sisters Will Not Appear.
  4. 133: Grasp A Dream Of Bubbles With These Hands
  5. 134: If I Were to Die, Destroy the Hard Drive's Contents Without Looking at Them!
  6. 135: Rozen Maid. A Maid Created by Rozen. I Won't Turn it Into Junk for You
  7. 136: Whatever, My Cat Is The Cutest
  8. 137: Someone Is Connecting Faster Than ADSL or Optical Fibre
  9. 138: Keep On Dreaming
  10. 139: Nerima's and Suginami's Family Restaurant Is Full of Mangaka, Editors and Animators
  11. 140: The Maid Saw and Was Seen

Volume 14

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 14
  1. 141: Regardless of how absurd the behavior is, it is a guy's duty to answer the expectations of a girl
  2. 142: Having your identify exposed and being treated like an animal, if I thing about it, this setup is scary
  3. 143: Our Direction
  4. 144: Even in historical dramas, seeing a shower of cherry petals makes you honest
  5. 145: Distance - Even If You're Close By
  6. 146: Distance - Even If You're Far Away
  7. 147: Hayate's Story
  8. 148: The strange fact that kids who don't think about the fact that they'll have a new class in the new term look cute at the end of the previous term
  9. 149: I want to go hiking. I really want to go. More like, i want to get out of my workplace
  10. 150: Lost Child. I'm lost So I'm a lost child. I am a lost child in life. He-lp-me...
  11. 151: Wild Life, The Animals Won't Forgive Me

Volume 15

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 15
  1. 152: Undesired Moe and Desired Courage
  2. 153: The Sun Falls on a Faraway Mountain, I Fall into a Ravine
  3. 154: A Shaking Heart! A Burning Heat! Well, Something Like That
  4. 155: Saki-san's Mirror Business (Military General Records)
  5. 156: I Can't Sleep at 2AM, I'll Destroy The Door Because Of A Splinter
  6. 157: It's Impossible To Live By Hiding In Darkness
  7. 158: Actually, High School Life is Considerably Different From What You'd Think
  8. 159: Danger Is In Walking
  9. 160: The Best Kotatsu For A Cold Winter
  10. 161: It's True That My New Year's Gifts Have Disappeared, But My Memories Will Never Disappear
  11. 162: There's DS game for smiling exercise right? Just use that!

Volume 16

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 16
  1. 163: Calamity Will Just Turn Out To Be Calamity
  2. 164: Magical Labirynth
  3. Chapter 3
  4. 169: Even If You See It, It's Better To Leave It Alone
  5. 170: Asano-san, You Meant That In A Good Way, Right? Of Course!
  6. 171: Snakes Come Out When Bushes Are Poked At. Corpses Among Other Things Also Appear. It Is Not A Good Thing
  7. 172: The Plan Is Yet To Be Determined
  8. 173: For Now We'll Try Talking With Body Language

Volume 17

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 17
  1. 174: Even If The Law Says You Can't, You Still Want To See It.
  2. 175: You Bump Into Every One You Need In Life
  3. 176: Because She's A Hero, She Can't Show Anyone The Sweat And Tears Beneath Her Mask
  4. 178: The End of the World (1): The World That You Desired
  5. 179: The End of the World (2): The World That You Desired
  6. 180: The End of the World (3): The World That You Desired
  7. 181: The End of the World (4): The World That You Desired
  8. 182: The End of the World (5): The World That You Desired
  9. 183: The End of the World (6): The World That You Desired
  10. 184: The End of the World (7): The World That You Desired

Volume 18

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 18
  1. 185. The End of the World (9): The World That You Desired
  2. 186. The End of the World (10): The World That You Desired
  3. 187. The End of the World (11): The World That You Desired
  4. 188. The Moment for Arranging the Vacation Plan is the Most Enjoyable One
  5. 189. The Person Who is Loved is the One Who is Worried. Also, the Holy God is Said to be Dead
  6. 190. The Lively Couple in a So-called 'Date'. It'll be Nice if no Awful Thing Like a Disease Called Stomachache Occurs
  7. 191. A Date is Fun. Or Rather, I Mean Going Out With a Girl is Basically Fun
  8. 192. Who Would Say a Joke That He Likes a Girl Who is Full of Opens?
  9. 193. Ah...At Any Rate, Even the Prime Minister Said He Wants Money, Right?
  10. 194. Quiz Magic Hamdemi
  11. 195. I Wanna Know Because I Don't Know. Now I Don't Know But I'll Know Later. That's The Quiz Game Life

Volume 19

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 19
  1. 196. Suffocation - Explosion - Adventure
  2. 197. If You Feel Like You Have Become a Little Greater When You Wake Up Early in the Morning... Then You Are Imagining Things
  3. 198. The Strongest Halberd and The Strongest Shield Are Made to Fight Each Other
  4. 199. Nothing Will Happen As You Expect it to!! Nothing!! That's Just Your Delusion!!
  5. 200. Gravity Can Draw Souls in But People Can Fly From Narita
  6. 201. No Matter What They Say, People Want to Be Loved More Than To Love
  7. 202. In a Love Comedy, a Bathroom is a Battleground. You Will Die if You Come Unprepared.
  8. 203. It's more profitable not to gamble.
  9. 204. I Caught a Cold... My Throat Hurts...
  10. 205. You are not suppose to say "funny you should mention that. It's not a Dream!!"
  11. 206. A Free Guy is Strong, Unreasonably Strong

Volume 20

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 20
  1. 207. There's No Way to Ensure Victory on a Spinning Roulette. There is if You Don't Spin it, Though
  2. 209. Limited Edition Goods Are a Pain For the People Who Make Them, Too
  3. 210. That's the Memory of a Kiss
  5. 214. Door Towards the Myth
  6. 215. Mykonos Labyrinth Medley
  7. 216. The Seal of the Labyrinth
  8. 217. Love Labyrinth

Volume 21

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 21
  1. 218. The Stone of Bonds
  2. 219. We Are Not Innovators! Our Minds Cannot Be Transmitted to Each Other Well
  3. 220. The Time to Forget Your Troubles Has Come. The Memory Mechanism Is Still Scientifically Unclear
  4. 221. Because You Go to the Beach, There's Something You Have to Do
  5. 222. Love Makes People Run in Odd Directions And Then They Want to Die
  6. 223. Winning And Happiness Are Equal But Not Linked
  7. 224. Getting a Girl Into a Good Mood Is Difficult, But Important
  8. 225. And Yet I Shoudn't Be Doing It
  9. 226. The Living Things Known as Girls Are Naturally Strong
  10. 227. Like Shadows Overlapping Each Other in the Sunset
  11. 228. Memories Transcend Time

Volume 22

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 22
  1. 229. No Matter When, No Matter How Many Times
  2. 230. "I'm Doing it That Way"
  3. 231. Beyond the Bounds
  4. 232. Beautiful World
  5. 233. Dearest
  6. 234. I Would Remember Even After a Thousand Years
  7. 235. To the Waning Moon in the Sky
  8. 236. I Can't Figure It Out From Incomplete Information
  9. 237. And Night Once Again Comes
  10. 238. I Can't Put it in Words
  11. 239. Silky Heart

Volume 23

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 23
  1. 240. My Feelings For You
  2. 241. The Shield of Aegis
  3. 242. Feelings in the Night
  4. 243. Thoughts Over His Defenseless Sleeping Face
  5. 244. Even Though I Love You, Because I Love You
  6. 245. Love Me Tender
  7. 246. The Strongest Vs. The Invincible
  8. 247. The Power of the Distant Land
  9. 248. Her Choice
  10. 249. The Final Decision
  11. 250. The Beginning of the Final Day

Volume 24

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 24
  1. 251. Shining in the Night
  2. 252. From Now On
  3. 253. Proof
  4. 254. And the Final Confrontation
  5. 255. The First Word
  6. 256. Question at Me
  7. 257. Someone Loves You
  8. 258. For Eternity, For You
  9. 259. ?Fly High?
  10. 260. Eternal Wind
  11. 261. Flirt and Flutter

Volume 25

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 25
  1. 262. The End of the World 11 Ally of Justice
  2. 263: The End Of The World Final I Give You A Smile
  3. 264: Starts Out Silently, And Then " The Toll Of The Bell Rings Into The Future"
  4. 265: Leaf Bud Breeze
  5. special 05: That's Enough of This Person
  6. 266: And It Becomes A Smile
  7. special 04: What's Most Important For A Shounen Manga Is Its Easy Of Under Standing
  8. 267: The President Has Donkey Ears!!
  9. 268: Hayate No Gotoku!
  10. 269: When We Were Young, We Were Shocked When We Learned Isumi-chan's Secret In Living Game
  11. 270: Is "Every Building And Old Man Has A History"
  12. Omake

Volume 26

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 26
  1. 271: Wearing The Maid Uniform Does Not Make You A Maid. You Wear The Maid Uniform Because You Have The Abilities Of A Maid
  2. 272: Shonen Manga Romantic Comedies Often Have Incidents That Occur In The Bath!!
  3. 273: Doki! The Plan To Get A Maiden's Heart Beating! Or Something Like That
  4. 274: Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaaahn
  5. 275: Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyaaahn
  6. 276: Nyaaaahn!
  7. 277: Family Ties And Other Connections Can Be Found Here
  8. 278: The Fearsome Power Of A Special Favor
  9. 279: I Want To Meet Someone Who Has Looked Upon Me Kindly
  10. 280: It's Destiny
  11. Omake:

Volume 27

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 27
  1. Extra:
  2. 282: It Takes Effort To Gain Happiness
  3. 283: Most Effort Is For The Sake Of Staying With Someone
  4. Extra 2
  5. 284: Trouble! Shock! Suspense!
  6. Extra 3
  7. 285: No Matter How Far You Go, You Will Never Be High End,But...
  8. Special
  9. 286: She Has Come To Steal Something Precious Of Mine
  10. 287: Mask
  11. 281: My Birthday Is October 19th. I'm A Libra.

Volume 28

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 28
  1. 288: Challenge At 13 Years Old
  2. 289:
  3. Extra 5
  4. 290: Gandhara Was Made So That It Would Be Far Of If You Were Seeking It
  5. 291: Everyone Has Their Worries That No One Else Sees
  6. 292: I Meet You
  7. 293: Change
  8. 294: Renaissance Passion
  9. 295: As The Coincidences Pile Up, People Will Run Into Someone Else
  10. 296: Luca
  11. 297: You & Me

Volume 29

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 29
  1. 298: Idol Master
  2. 299: Don't Stop! Dreamer On The Road!
  3. 300: The Return Of The King
  4. 301: A Child Can Be The Bond Between Two People. Even If They Haven't Bonded Yet
  5. 302: Come To My Place
  6. 303: The Days Are Better Off Without Kyoto Animations
  7. 304: That River Next To Akihabara Is The Kanda River
  8. 305: While Contemplating In A Cafe, It's Easy To Spot Many People Working On Marriage
  9. 306: This Blonde Little Girl Is The One With The Authority, You Know...
  10. 307: To Become The Petroleum King
  11. 308: That Is Happening Now!!
  12. Omake:

Volume 30

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 30
  1. 309: The Honorific "Onee-San" Is Filled With Romance
  2. 310: Strong Feelings, Strong Love. Are These Feelings Real?
  3. 311: Nobody Wanted To Lie Initially
  4. 312: Karaoke Is Enjoyable Even If You're Singing Alone
  5. 313: It Wasn't That I Wanted To Fool Her. When I Think About Her, It Makes Me Lie Just A Little Bit
  6. 314: Overlapping Lies And Life
  7. 315: The Problem Is That I Love Him Despite That
  8. 316: Don't Move Another Step
  9. 317: If It's Important, Keep It With You
  10. 318: Sign
  11. 319: Crappy Adviser

Volume 31

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 31
  1. 320: Let's Do Our Best In Various Ways
  2. 321: High Speń Adviser
  3. 322: The Next Thing I Knew, I Had Mud Up To My Waist
  4. 323: I Don't Want To Work, But I End Up Working Anyway
  5. Movie Proloque:
  6. 324: How The Maid Kills Time
  7. 325: An Artisan's Technique Seasoning With Salt
  8. 326: Apter Having Done It
  9. 327: Goodbye Happiness
  10. 328: We Still Haven't Received The Pay For The Assistant Work We Did That Day
  11. 329: The Trick To Waking Up Early Is Getting To Bed Early

Volume 32

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 32
  1. 330: I Want To Shout Out That I Love You
  2. 331: It's As Quest As 20 Millions Years Ago, Isn't It ?
  3. 332: A Genius's Strategy
  4. 333: Something Special
  5. 334: Identity Crisis
  6. 335: Santa's Lesson
  7. 336: Rock Over Japan
  8. 337: The Bad Timing. Of A Maid's Sulking Is Inteltional
  9. 338: Continuing Steadily On Day By Day Is Important
  10. 339: A Single Yen Can Make One Laugh Or Cry
  11. 340: Hinagiku-San's Wish Does Not Seem As It If Will Be Granted Even If She Uses The Holy Grail

Volume 33

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 33
  1. 341: A Maid Will Not Be Found For Isumi-san Until The 23 Century
  2. 342: Thus Spoke Tsurogino Kayura
  3. 343: Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura
  4. 344: Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura (Part III)
  5. 345: First, Make Sure You Have Safe Footing
  6. 346: And The Butler Made Them
  7. 347: Are You A Magnet Or Something!?
  8. 348: Chef Maria's Summer Vegetable Special, Round 1
  9. 349: I Don't Want To Think About Getting Fat Anymore
  10. 350: I Don't Have Many Memories Of My School Life
  11. 351: Do I Or Do I Not Need To Be Able To Just Do This Kind Of Thing To Be Popular?
  12. Extra Story 1
  13. Extra Story 2

Volume 34

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 34
  1. 352: Illness Begins In The Mind. That Means You Will Get Sick If You Neglect Your Mind
  2. 353: He Caught A Cold Because He Is No Longer An Idiot
  3. 354: A Death Flag. And You Are The One Raising It
  4. 355: This Is What You Get When You Cram All The Needed Information For Major Financial Success Into 16 Pages
  5. 356: Even, With Three Heads, "Hmm...Idunno..." Is All The Three Can Come Up With
  6. 357: Cycling, Yahoo!
  7. 358: To Be Blunt, I Am An S At The Core. Also, Never Do What I Do!!
  8. 359: I Am Still Unsure What Kind Of Adult I Will Be In The Future
  9. 360: She Sees The Identity Of The Ghost, Yet She Does Not
  10. 361: The Behavior Of Mothers Is More Or Less The Same Everywhere
  11. 362: The Day The Dolphin Flew

Volume 35

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 35
  1. 363: Mystery Room (Part I)
  2. 364: Mystery Room (Part II)
  3. 365: Mystery Room (Part III)
  4. 366: Mystery Roo (Part IV)
  5. 367: Mystery Room (Part V)
  6. 368: Mystery Room (Part VI)
  7. 369: Mystery Room (Part VII)
  8. 370: Mystery Room (Part VIII)
  9. 371: Not Trying To Be Popular Is A Schortcut To Being Popular
  10. 372: Think A Bit About How You Say Things

Volume 36

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 36
  1. 374: Yahooo!! Garbage Needs To Be Disifected!!
  2. 375: Written A Human Dreams, Read As Fleeting
  3. 376: You Can Make A Debut At Any Point In Your Life
  4. 377: A Family Restaurant Is A Human Scramble
  5. 378: Some Other Stuff
  6. 379: The Character For Painful Needs Just A Bit More To Become The Character For Happiness
  7. 380: Nothing In Life Is Better Than The Excitiment Of The First Day Of Summer Break
  8. 381: That Is What It Is To Be A Man, That Is What It Is To Be Joung, Brother Gayan
  9. 382: Strange Lovers
  10. 383: An Incident That Does Not End With Only A Kiss

Volume 37

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 37
  1. 384: Juspion Taught Me There Is Only One Of Me In The Universe
  2. 385: There Are Various battles You Cannot Allow Yourself To Lose
  3. 386: Right Now, Love Cannot Be Stopped
  4. 387: This Is The Kind Of Manga You Are Reading
  5. 388: This Is Probably When You Would Hear The Term "Nyoo..!"
  6. 389: Deja Vuing and Not Deja Vuing
  7. 390: There Is Only One Moon In The Sky
  8. 391: Anime Store Manager In Love
  9. 392: Like An Idiot Flying Into A Flame
  10. 393: A Mother's Timing Is Perfect

Volume 38

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 38
  1. 394: Nishizawa Ayumu's Heated Classroom
  2. 395: I Am Not Bored. I Have Plenty To Do. Like Take Care Of The Cat.
  3. 396: To Be Strong Is To Keep One's Promises
  4. 397: Terrible Manga Dojo (Reverse Side)
  5. 398: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 1): The Idiot Who Leaves On A Trip
  6. 399: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 2): Trouble Exists In Various Places
  7. 400: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 3): This Is Supposed To Be Night 3, But This Is So 400 Chapter So Let's Celebrate! Seriously
  8. 401: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 4):
  9. 402: Kyoto And Ise Conclusion (Night 5): A Trylly Lost Child On Midnight Thunder Road
  10. 403: Starting Today, I Am .....

Volume 39

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 39
  1. 404: Kyoto And Ise - Cjnclusion (Night 6): Like A Prayer
  2. 405: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 7): Hinagiku And Shinaru's Honest Stroll
  3. 406: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 8): There Is No Method Of Earning 100 Million In A Single Second
  4. 407: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 9): Make The Victory Crown Shine Yourself
  5. 408: Ahh, I Want A Meal
  6. 409: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 10): Like I Said, I'm Hungry
  7. 410: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 11): I Have No Luck . I'm Not Onboard With This Either
  8. 411: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 12): I Will Definitely Protect You
  9. 412: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 13): There Are All Sorts Of People
  10. 413: Kyoto And Ise - Conclusion (Night 14): Conclusion
  11. Omake

Volume 40

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 40
  1. 414: Battlefields Are Tedious
  2. 415: Even If You Ask Me To Shoose Between Them
  3. 416: Which Ad Was It That Said "Freedom To Choose Your Occupation. Ah Ha Han "?
  4. 417: In Our Hearts, Moriguchi Hiroko And Yamase Mame Are Singers Who Will Never Fade Away
  5. 418: Fragments Of Dreams
  6. 419: To Those Hesitantly Outscretched Fingers
  7. 420: That Which I Can Grasp In These Hands
  8. 421: What Makes You Happy
  9. 422: We Shimmer In The Hot Air
  10. 423: Termination
  11. Omake

Volume 41

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 41
  1. 424: Something Special
  2. 425: I've Got To Ride
  3. 426: Destroy The Invisible Wall
  4. 427: No Regrets
  5. 428: We Will Race Into The Sky
  6. 429: Ten years From Now
  7. 430: Shining Brightly
  8. 431: Fireworks
  9. 432: Shining Brightly
  10. 433: Those Stones Were Once Considered More Valuable Than Gold

Volume 42

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 42
  1. 434: The See-Through Playing Cards Come With Volume 39's Limited Edition
  2. 435: Memory Of A Dream
  3. 436: A Dream About Santa Claus
  4. 437: Plans And Expectations Are Nothing But One's Imagination
  5. 438: Attention, Please
  6. 439: Ah, There Is No Rosiness In This Strange Life
  7. 440: I Want To Meet Ika-chan At The Beach. Actually, I Want To Meet Ika-chan No Matter Where It Is
  8. 441: Talking About Liking Octopuses On Sunday Reminds You Of Mendou-kun, Doesn't It?
  9. 442: With You Always
  10. 443: Troublesome Relative

Volume 43

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 43
  1. 444: Look! Look! The Chapter Number is Incredibly Unlucky! Everyone Who Sees It Will be Cursed
  2. 445: We Still Don't Know The Name Of The Flower We Ate That Day
  3. 446: A Love Comedy Without The Comedy
  4. 446.5: Investor Y
  5. 447: A Lot Changes In Ten Years. Like Getting A Promotion... Maybe
  6. 448: An Assasin From The Past (Around Volume 15)
  7. 449: The 101st Or So Proposal
  8. 450: Make Sure To Enter
  9. 451: I Love Curry
  10. 452: I Like The Strawberry Haagen

Volume 44

Hayate the Combat Butler Manga » Volume 44
  1. 453: About The Brother
  2. 454: About The Younger Brother
  3. 455: Love Stories Happen Surprisingly Suddenly
  4. 456: I Can't Do What I Can't Do
  5. 457: Ten Year Gap
  6. New 458: Give A Troublesome Person Something Troublesome And Only Trouble Can Follow

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